Staff Directory |

Corsie, Craig - Principal
Merrick, Eli - Vice Principal
Grover, Michelle
Support Staff
Nagel, Anita - Librarian
Hynes, Jennifer - FSLW
Sawatzky, Jamie - DREAMS
Bongaards, Karen - 5B
Braat, Rosemary - 5A
Buckle, Jeff - 4B
Harrington, Robyn - 6C
Kennedy, Connie - 4C
Kohlman, Chris - CST - Classroom Support Teacher
Lawson, Donnalee - 5A
Mason, Ron - Music
Miller, Jason - 5C
Neigum, Stan - 6B
O'Connell, Suzanne - - 4D
Wahl, Bev - French
Educational Assistants
Forsyth, Heather
Gebhardt, Cheryl
Keen, Denise
MacKay, Tracey
Simpson, Jadianne
Thome, Amber
Gebhardt, Sherry
Mendryk, Peggy
Parent Council
Margaret Wooding, Childcare - Before and After School Program Contact
Board of Trustees
Frank, Arnold